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Auctus Marketing takes cyber security seriously. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here are the top 5 ways we can keep your website and your business online safe.

1. To prevent malware, host your site on a secure server

Hosting platforms are not all created equal. For a secure website, you need to have secure servers. Unsecure servers can compromise the security of your site, even if you have taken every precaution possible to protect it (e.g. installing a firewall, and a security certificate, and updating your software frequently).

It’s a bit like the “sick”, and “healthy”, waiting rooms at the doctor’s office. You may have noticed that a medical office has a separate area for people who are sick and another for those who are well. The same principle applies to hosting options. Some hosts allow you to bring your ‘germs’ and malware. Others hosting environments and servers adhere to stricter standards, which prevents those weak spots from becoming part of their shared space.

2. Auctus  Regularly update your WordPress versions, PHP, and plug-ins

WordPress sites are a great asset to your business and offer many amazing features. It is not a platform that has everything you need. You can always update the framework or the plug-ins to ensure your site is up to date. You can expose yourself to online hackers if you don’t keep up with these updates. Incompatibilities can lead to your site going down.

3. Domain registrations can be set up to auto-renew – but domain renewal fraud is a real possibility!

Your domain name is an essential component of your online storefront. It is important to make sure you renew it every year. It can be difficult to get your domain back if you lose it. Hosting your domain registration with a company that renews it automatically and bills you are the best option. Be aware of fraud in mail and email from domain registrars. You can be sure that these notices are fraudulent if you have a domain registrar who automatically renews your domain.

4. Make sure that your host regularly backs up your site

Site backups are extremely important. It is highly recommended to have a daily backup of your site. This will ensure that you have a site backup in case something happens to the site. This feature is included in the monthly hosting plan of a good hosting provider.

5. You can restrict users to the site from those who are not employees of your company

It is a good idea to limit access to your website to employees who quit your company within the last 24 hours of their employment. Although it is not recommended that you delete all user content, it is possible to erase all their contributions to the site. However, adjusting the permissions of users so that they can’t make any changes to this site is a good safeguard.

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