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Better Results with Facebook Advertisements

In general, marketers design ads to generate quick conversions. A Google user might search for “blue suede sneakers” and see an advertisement for them. They can click on the ad to purchase the product. Facebook is a different story. Smart marketers have found that Facebook users are less likely to make purchases after clicking on an advertisement. They’re more likely to return to Facebook when asked to purchase something immediately. Smart marketers find a way to get around this problem. They encourage simple conversions that could lead to sales later. A Facebook display ad may ask viewers to sign up for a newsletter. Email marketing can then be used to generate leads.

Creating Awareness For Your Business

As you drive down the road, it’s easy to see all those billboard ads. These ads, whether on a bus bench or a billboard, are meant to raise awareness about your business to all who pass by. This can only be determined by how many people pass by the area. Although you can reach all kinds of people, they won’t buy from you. Facebook advertising is the exact opposite! Facebook advertising can be leveraged to get your message in front of the right audience, based on their interests, demographics, and geographical information. Use the data you already know about your ideal customer to find others like them on Facebook.

Make sure they remember you

Once you have started advertising to the right audience, and they have begun to interact with you or your site, we can bring them back using our retargeting campaigns or “Boomerang”. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they customer has already visited your site. We can digitally remind them about your business through our retargeting campaigns to get them back to your site. Make the most of the advertising you have already done by using the “Billboard” ad campaign.

Auctus Marketing has been a market leader in internet marketing. We offer complete Facebook advertising solutions to our clients, including “boomerang”, and “billboard”, campaigns. We offer a complete range of online marketing services that will increase brand awareness and increase conversions. If you have any questions regarding our SEO, social