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How To Use Facebook for New Customers To Your Pool-Building Business

Social media is a crucial part of growing your pool business. It allows you to build relationships with existing and new customers. With more than 2 billion people using Facebook each month, nearly two-thirds of Facebook users stop by a business profile at least once per week. Facebook is a global platform but it also has powerful tools that allow you to target local customers. These are people in your immediate area who might be interested in building or upgrading their pool. This advice is for pool builders who are ready to get into Facebook Marketing.

Create a Facebook Business Page

You don’t need to have the same profile that you used to keep track of your high school friends to make an impact on your pool-building company. Make a Facebook business account, which is free. You can set up your page in just a few steps:

  • To begin, log in to your account to access the page creation section. Select Business/Brand to choose the type of page you wish to create. Your personal login information will be used to access your account. However, information from your personal page will not be shared with your business account. This allows you to keep your professional and personal pages separate.
  • You can enter all details about your business. Include your company name, contact information, and operating hours.
  • Include a cover and profile photo. This is a great opportunity to include your logo and highlight photos of past pool installations so customers can see your work.
  • Click the Create Page button to create a vanity URL that includes your business name. Customers will find your pool business easier on Facebook by creating a URL.
  • You might consider using the “add button”, which says something like “contact us” and “shop now”, to direct customers to relevant information.

Change Your Facebook Posts

Your Facebook page should be active to ensure that pool builder and other potential customers can find you. You can vary the types of posts that you post to make your page more interesting. Your customers don’t want you to make it seem like you are just trying to close a sale on pool construction. Customers want to know more about you so that they feel comfortable doing business with you.

While it’s normal to post some Facebook posts about selling, you can also include other types of engaging content such as videos from pool builders, before-and-after shots of pool renovations, and stories of local interest that may not directly relate to your business but are important to your community. You should respond to all customers who comment on your posts. Also, create opportunities for existing and potential new customers to interact with you by running a contest.

Use Facebook Tools

Facebook offers many tools to help business pages focus on a specific audience. Targeting ads and posts can be used to reach specific demographics, age groups, genders, and more. If you want to encourage people in a certain area to build a pool, then you can target people who live within that region and their age group. These tools will help you get more out of every post.

Facebook offers valuable insight into your posts’ resonance with the target audience by using its analytic tools. What posts are most engaging? What geographic region is bringing you the most visitors? What is the best time to get responses to your posts? This information is important not only for Facebook marketing your pool company but for your whole digital marketing plan.

Our digital marketing specialists are available to assist your pool construction business in using the power of Facebook to grow your business. To learn more about our services and start creating your digital marketing strategy, contact us at (+1 365-661-4667).