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Why Detailed Reviews can help your Business to Success

Customers today are naturally skeptical. Customers are aware that the website copy of a business is meant to sell a product or service. As such, it will only reflect the good aspects of the brand. Online reviews are more valuable than traditional marketing copy. It’s like listening to your friend explaining why the product/service didn’t fulfill their expectations. Online reviews are a key component of a company’s digital reputation, and they have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

The Power of Detailed and Positive Reviews

Although all positive reviews are great, not all are equal. These are two reviews for a fictitious restaurant.

  • “Good food, great service”
  • “The Memphis Chicken was simply divine!” Stewart, my server, was friendly and very helpful. She was very accommodating to my food allergy request. I will be back when I visit Jack Pirtle’s Chicken again, and I plan to order the Chicken Sandwich breakfast strata the next time.

The first review was bland and repetitive. Although it is positive, the review doesn’t give a clear idea of what to expect when one walks into a restaurant. The second review is more in-depth. The second review is more detailed and discusses particular menu items. It also mentions the name and experiences of staff members. The review implies that the restaurant is suitable for allergy sufferers. This is a great informational piece for customers looking for brunch spots. These details can also help to differentiate the restaurant from its competitors and strengthen its brand image. Detail reviews often include keywords that are relevant to the business. This will help propel the business listing to the top Google search results pages. These keywords will help the business be included in the “local pack”, which is a collection of business listings that are connected to Google Maps.

The Usefulness of Detailed, Negative Review

Negative reviews can be very frustrating for business owners, but they should not be ignored. You should not only respond professionally to all negative reviews but also search the negative reviews in detail for any helpful feedback. These are some examples:

  • “Horrible service. “Will never return.”
  • “The restaurant canceled my reservation. “I had to take my mother to brunch elsewhere.

This review is not comprehensive and certainly not helpful. The second review is more detailed and explains the problem so that the business owner can take the necessary steps to correct it.

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