Two-Way Business Communication

Prevent customer loss through better conversations

Communicate with your customers on their preferred channels, whether it’s through text or email, all within a single inbox.


Manage all your conversations in one place with a unified inbox

A comprehensive tool for customer communication management, we enable you to receive text messages on your company’s phone number and manage all your communication needs from a central location. With our collective mailbox, you can effectively stay on top of things, reply promptly, and deliver individualized customer communication services.

Immediately see all messages under specific client threads

Our CCM tool showcases an integrated mailbox that exhibits all customer communications in a unified thread, despite their origin. Whether your customers prefer Facebook Messenger, SMS/text messaging, email, or Google, our communication management software organizes all your interactions as if they are received from a single source. This makes it more convenient for your customers while expediting your response time.


Easily maintain and reply to ongoing conversations, including texts

Stay organized through our CCM tool, enabling you to listen and respond to customer communication rapidly. With our customer communication software, efficiently manage all talk threads that includes online queries and text messages, surpassing mundane email exchanges. Access the overall team’s interactions for better visibility and assess their contributions to the customer experience. Lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Efficiently manage follow-ups with automated reminders and read receipts

Client communication software can help ensure that you don’t lose touch with customers due to busy schedules. You can use it to schedule reminders for following up through email or text on upcoming dates, which will help you to remain top of mind.

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Allow your staff to assist in handling the day-to-day tasks

If you prefer delegating email management to your team, we have packages suitable for businesses of all sizes. These packages come with staff accounts that enable you to assign your team members to handle your inbox when you are busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer communication management (CCM) software is a platform that enables businesses to manage their customer communications across multiple channels, including email, text messaging, social media, and more.

Our CCM software allows you to manage all your customer conversations in one place, respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries, and stay on top of follow-ups using automated reminders and read receipts.

Yes, our platform offers staff accounts that enable you to assign members of your team to handle your inbox when needed.

Yes, we use industry-standard encryption to ensure the security and privacy of all your customer communications.

Yes, our platform offers integrations with popular business tools, including CRM, social media management, and email marketing tools.

 Simply sign up for our CCM software and follow our instructions to integrate it with your existing communication channels.

Yes, our CCM software is designed to be scalable and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Our CCM software streamlines your customer communication, making it more natural, effortless and efficient, resulting in better customer experiences.

Our platform enables you to manage all your customer conversations in a single place, automate follow-ups with customers, and delegate email management to your team, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other important tasks.

Yes, our CCM software allows for customization to fit your business’s unique communication needs, including branding, message templates, and more.